Traffic safety

One of the mechanisms used in the traffic safety policy is the Strategy for the Guaranteed Safety and Reliability of the Transportation Process at the Russian Railways Group, which is based on effective traffic safety management systems that rely on risk on management tools and the principles of a special safety culture.

In 2014, spending on measures to mitigate the risk level of traffic safety violations totalled RUB 87.8 bln

Since the establishment of Russian Railways, the number of traffic accidents and events involving violations of traffic safety and operating requirements on the railway network continues to decline.

In 2014, the value of the accident rate index, which is set by the Russian Government in the Railway Transportation Development Strategy at a level of 2.0, declined and totalled 1.47 events per mln train km.

The value of the target traffic safety indicator for the Russian Railways Group was also lower than the required level and stood at 2.37 events per 1 mln train km in 2014 instead of the planned 2.83 events.

The number of traffic accidents and events in 2014 for which the Russian Railways Group was liable declined by 31% compared with 2013 (3,916 vs. 5,683), while the number of events for which Russian Railways was liable fell 43% (2,244 vs. 3,948).

In 2014, spending on the implementation of the Traffic Safety Programme totalled more than RUB 2.8 bln in accordance with the Russian Railways Investment Programme approved by the Russian Government.

Planned measures were implemented in 2014 to mitigate the risk of traffic safety violations by ensuring the compliance of Russian Railways infrastructure with the requirements of the Technical Operating

Rules of the Railways of the Russian Federation (TOR).

Infrastructure facilities were brought into compliance with the requirements of TOR 24,782 in 2014.

A total of RUB 87,8 bln were spent on implementing this programme.

Transportation security

In 2014, the Company implemented a set of measures to protect railway transportation facilities against acts of unlawful interference.

A total of 6,557 infrastructure facilities of Russian Railways were put under protection in 2014, a 6.5% increase from 2013.

The Company devoted major efforts to improving the level of protection against unlawful acts of interference at the most important public railway transportation facilities, above all those involved in providing transportation services for the XII Winter Olympic Games and XI Paralympic Games in Sochi.

As a result of the measures adopted, no unlawful acts of interference were committed in the operation of railway transportation facilities over the course of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

In order to mitigate the risk of unauthorised interference in the operations of railway transportation, the implementation of the Transportation Security project was continued in 2014 as part of the Russian Railways Investment Programme.

The Company spent RUB 618.6 mln in budget funds to install technical security equipment systems at the infrastructure facilities and railway tracks of the Zavidovo-Podsolnechnaya high-speed section (km 532–585) of the St Petersburg-Moscow line and the rapid-transit section of the St Petersburg-Finlyandsky-Roshchino (km 0–58) section of the St Petersburg-Buslovskaya section, install and modernise them on eleven railway bridges and tunnels as well as install additional equipment on the Makhachkala-Tarki section of North Caucasus Railway in order to expand the functions of the railway track protection system.

As part of investment projects and measures to create technical security systems, the number of facilities equipped with such security equipment has increased to 1,607. In 2013, the number of the most important public railway transportation facilities equipped with technical security systems amounted to 1,489.