Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the key component in the corporate governance of Russian Railways and acts on the basis of the legislation of the Russian Federation, the Charter of Russian Railways approved by Resolution No. 585 of the Russian Government dated 18 September 2003 and the Regulation on the Russian Railways Board of Directors approved by Order No. 265-r of the Russian Government dated 25 February 2004.

The main objective of the Board of Directors is to pursue a policy that supports the Company’s dynamic development, improves the sustainability of its operations and also increases profitability.

Independent directors have been elected to the Russian Railways Board of Directors since 2008 in accordance with international corporate governance practices.

In 2014, changes were made to the Russian Railways Board of Directors and the following new members were elected to the Board of Directors under the resolution of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders: Oleg Belozerov — Russian Deputy Minister of Transportation, Andrey Ivanov — Russian Deputy Minister of Finance, Dmitry Peskov — Director of the Young Professionals section of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects autonomous non-profit organisation and Sergey Stepashin — Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Housing and Public Utilities Reform Assistance Fund.

The powers of the following Board members were terminated: Artyom Avetisyan, Vladimir Gusakov, Igor Lozhevsky and Alexander Shokhin.

The current Board of Directors was elected at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2014 with eleven members, five of whom are independent directors.

Members of the Board of Directors in 2014

Representatives of the Russian Federation

Independent directors

Members of the Board of Directors have no stakes in the charter capital of Russian Railways.

Biographical information about members of the Board of Directors

Kirill Androsov
Kirill Androsov

Kirill Androsov
Chairman of the Russian Railways Board of Directors

Born in 1972.

1994 — Mr Androsov graduated with honours from the Faculty of Engineering and Economics of St Petersburg State Marine Technical University with a major in economic engineering.

2000 — Mr Androsov defended his degree as a candidate of economic sciences at St Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance.

2003–2005 — University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Executive MBA.

Professional experience:

  • 2005 — Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation.
  • 2008 — Deputy Chief of Staff of the Russian Government.
  • 2010 — Managing Partner, Altera Capital. Mr Androsov is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aeroflot and a member of the Board of Directors of Channel One, Ruspetro plc, Russian Machines and Altera Investment Fund.
  • 2011 — Member of the Public Council of the Federal Tax Service.
  • 2012 — Professor, Higher School of Economics. Mr Androsov is also a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and the Public Council of the Energy Ministry of the Russian Federation.
  • 2012 — Recipient of the ‘Director of the Year’ national prize in the category ‘Chairman of the Board of Directors: Contribution to the Development of Corporate Development".
  • Government awards: Honorary Certificate of the Russian Government; Order of Honour, Stolypin Medal (2nd Class).
  • 2011 — Member of the Russian Railways Board of Directors and Chairman of the Russian Railways Board of Directors since September 2011.
Oleg Belozerov
Oleg Belozerov

Born in 1969.

1992 — Mr Belozerov graduated from St Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance with a major in economics and industrial planning. He is a candidate of economic sciences.

Professional experience:

  • 1998–2000 — Deputy Commercial Director, Commercial Director and Head of the Logistics and Transportation Department, Lenenergo.
  • 2000–2000 — Deputy Director, Freight Motor Transport Enterprise No. 21.
  • 2000–2001 — Director, Finance and Economics Department, Office of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Russian President to the North-West Federal District.
  • 2001–2002 — Deputy Director, Corporate Property Management, LOMO.
  • 2002–2004 — CEO, Russian Fuel Company.
  • July-November 2004 — Deputy Director, Federal Road Agency.
  • 2004–2009 — Director, Federal Road Agency.
  • March 2009 — Appointed Deputy Minister of Transportation of the Russian Federation.
  • August 2011 — Assigned class rank — Active State Advisor of the Russian Federation (1st Class).
  • Government and industry awards: Medal “In Commemoration of the 300th Anniversary of St Petersburg”; Badge “Honoured Worker of the Fuel and Energy Industry”; Medal “In Commemoration of the 1,000th Anniversary of Kazan”; Gratitude of the Russian President; Medal of the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland (1st Class)”; the anniversary lapel pin “In Commemoration of the 200th Anniversary of the Office of Water and Land Transportation”; Order of Honour and lapel pin “Honoured Railway Worker of Russia”; Order “For Merit to the Fatherland (4th Class)”; Honorary Certificate of the Russian President.
Andrey Ivanov
Andrey Ivanov

Born in 1975.

1997 — Mr Ivanov graduated from Krasnoyarsk State University with a major in law.

Postgraduate studies:

2009 — Russian Academy of Public Service under the Russian President (Moscow).

Focus: Management

2010 — Russian Academy of Public Service under the Russian President (Moscow).

Focus: Business

Professional experience:

  • 1997–1998 — Research Assistant, Krasnoyarsk State University.
  • 1998–2004 — Leading Specialist and Chief Specialist, Administration of the Krasnoyarsk Region; Advisor to the Krasnoyarsk Region Governor on Legal Matters; 29 December 2001 Advisor to the Krasnoyarsk Region Governor on Legal Matters and Local Self-government; Department Head
  • 2004–2008 — Vice President, Siberian Engineering Holding; First Vice President, Siberian Engineering Holding as of 14 August 2006.
  • 2008 — Chairman of the Board of Directors, Investment Company.
  • 2008–2012 — Deputy Director and Director, Department for Budget Policy in Innovation, Civilian Industry, Energy, Communications and Public-Private Partnership, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.
  • 2012-present — Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation.
  • 2011 — Member of the Board of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.
  • Awards and gratitude: Gratitude of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation; Medal of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office “290th Anniversary of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office”; Gratitude of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation; Medal of the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland (2nd Class)”; Silver Medal “For Contribution to the Development of the Russian Agribusiness Industry” of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.
Dmitry Komissarov
Dmitry Komissarov

Born in 1970.

1992 — Mr Komissarov graduated from Moscow Finance Institute with a major in international currency and credit relations

Professional experience:

  • 2003–2008 — Chairman of the Board of Directors, Transmashholding.
  • 2006 — Member of the Management Board, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE).
  • 2007 — Member of the Administrative Office, Russian Engineering Union National Industrial Association of Employers.
  • June 2008 — Chairman of the Board of Directors, Technological Company.
  • 2008 — Member of the Board of Directors, Russian Railways.
Dmitry Peskov
Dmitry Peskov

Born in 1975.

1998 — Mr Peskov graduated from Voronezh State University.

1999 — He completed the master’s programme at the Faculty of Political Science of the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences and the University of Manchester.

Professional experience:

  • 2000 — Mr Peskov managed the preparation of a development strategy, the Internet Policy Centre and the establishment of the Russian Association of International Research at Moscow State Institute (University) of International Relations under the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His last position held was Deputy Rector for Research and Director of Innovations.
  • 2009 — Director of the Strategic Research Office, All-Russian Exhibition Centre.
  • 2011 — Director, Young Professionals, Agency for Strategic Initiatives.
  • 2012 — Member, Expert Council under the Russian Government; Working Group Member, Economic Council under the Russian President for “Social Policy and Human Development”; Member, Supervisory Board, World Skills Russia movement.
  • 2013 — Member, Interdepartmental Commission on Technological Development, Presidium of the Russian Presidential Council for Russian Economic Modernisation and Innovative Development.
  • 2013–2014 — Member of the Board of Directors, United Aircraft Corporation, All-Russian Exhibition Centre and Engineering and Instrumentation Training Institute.
  • 2014 — Member, Supervisory Board under the Russian President for Professional Qualifications; Member, Supervisory Board of the Programme for social support to citizens of the Russian Federation who have independently enrolled in leading foreign educational organisations and are training in majors and focuses in which the quality of training meets the best global standards, and ensuring their employment at organisations registered in the Russian Federation in accordance with the qualification obtained; Member of the Management Board, Support Fund for the Deaf and Blind.
  • 2014 — Member of the Board of Directors, Russian Railways and Aeroflot.
Vladimir Yakunin
Vladimir Yakunin

Vladimir Yakunin
President of Russian Railways

Born in 1948.

1972 — Mr Yakunin graduated from Leningrad Mechanical Institute. He holds a PhD in political science.

Professional experience:

  • October 2000 — Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation.
  • February 2002 — First Deputy Minister of Railways.
  • October 2003 — First Vice President, Russian Railways.
  • 14 June 2005 — Appointed President of Russian Railways.
Grigory Berezkin
Grigory Berezkin

Born in 1966.

1988 — Mr Berezkin graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry of Moscow State University.

1993 — He defended his candidacy thesis for a major in petrochemicals

Professional experience:

  • 2000–2003 — CEO, ESN Energo, which manages the company Kolenergo; Member of the Board of Directors, Kolenergo.
  • 2004–2007 — Member of the Board of Directors, UES of Russia.
  • 2007–2010 — Member of the Board of Directors, Freight One.
  • 2008–2011 — Member of the Board of Directors, SG-trans.
  • 2006 — Chairman of the Board of Directors, ESN.
  • Member, Management Bureau, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE); Chairman, RUIE Commission for Electricity; Chairman, RUIE Commission for Independent Directors.
  • Member of the General Council, All-Russia Public Organization Delovaya Rossiya.
  • 2010 — Member of the Board of Directors, Russian Railways.
Hartmut Mehdorn
Hartmut Mehdorn

Born in 1942.

Mr Mehdorn graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of Berlin Technical University (diploma in engineering).

Professional experience:

  • Late 1999—April 2009 — Chairman of the Management Board, Deutsche Bahn AG in Berlin.
  • July 2009—January 2013 — Chairman of the Management Board and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Air Berlin.
  • March 2013 — Chairman of the Management Board, Berlin Brandenburg Airport.
  • Member of the Advisory Board, Fiege-Stiftung & Co KG, Commerzbank AG and Energie-Baden-Württemberg AG.
  • Honorary Doctor of Engineering Sciences.
  • 2011 — Member of the Board of Directors, Russian Railways.
Alexander Ryazanov
Alexander Ryazanov

Born in 1953.

1979 — Mr Ryazanov graduated from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas

1993 — All-Russian State Distance-Learning Institute of Finance and Economics

Professional experience:

  • 2001–2006 — Deputy Chairman and Member of the Management Board, Gazprom.
  • 2007 — Chairman of the Board of Directors, Russian Holding Company (Moscow).
  • March 2009-February 2010 — Chairman of the Management Board, Stroytransgaz.
  • 2008 — Member of the Board of Directors, Russian Railways.
  • 2007 — Member of the Board of Directors, BIOtechnologies.
  • 2010 — Member of the Board of Trustees, Moscow State Institute (University) of International Relations (public activities).
  • 2011 — CEO, Plyushchikha Management Company.
  • 2012 — Member of the Management Board and Member of the Committee for the National Register of Independent Directors under the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (public activities
  • 2013 — Member of the Board of Directors, Petroltool
Vasily Sidorov
Vasily Sidorov

Born in 1971.

1993 — Mr Sidorov graduated from Moscow State Institute of International Relations under the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a major in international public law and the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania with a major in finance.

Professional experience:

  • 2000–2003 — First Vice President, Sistema-Telecom.
  • 2003–2006 — President, MobileTeleSystems (MTS).
  • 2006–2010 — Co-owner, Telecom-Express Group.
  • 2010 — Managing Partner, Euroatlantic Investments Ltd.
  • 2012 — CEO, ARIDA.
  • 2012 — Member of the Board of Directors, Russian Railways.
  • 2013 — Member of the Board of Directors, Aeroflot.
  • Member, Expert Council under the Russian Government; Member, Shareholder Advisory Council, VTB Bank.
Sergey Stepashin
Sergey Stepashin

Sergey Stepashin

Born in 1952.

1973 — Mr Stepashin graduated from the Higher Political School of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs

1981 — He graduated from the Military and Political Academy.

2002 — He graduated from the Finance Academy under the Russian Government.

Mr Stepashin is a candidate of historical sciences, a doctor of legal sciences, professor, State Advisor on Justice of the Russian Federation and an Honorary Doctor of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Professional experience:

  • 1990–1993 — People’s Deputy of the RSFSR, Chairman of the Committee of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation on Defence and Security Affairs.
  • 1993–1999 — First Deputy Minister of Security; Director, Federal Counterintelligence Service; Director, Federal Security Service; Minister of Justice; Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia.
  • 1999 — First Deputy Prime Minister; Minister of Internal Affairs; Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.
  • After being elected to the State Duma in December 2009, Mr Stepashin chaired the Committee on Combating Corruption.
  • 2000–2013 — Chairman, Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation.
  • Awards: Order “For Merit to the Fatherland (3rd Class)”, “For Merit to the Fatherland (2nd Class)”, “For Merit to the Fatherland (4th Class)”, Order of Courage, Medals “For Distinction in Military Service (1st and 2nd Class)” and “For Distinguished Service for the Protection of Public Order”.