General Meeting of Shareholders

The supreme management body of Russian Railways is the General Meeting of Shareholders.
In accordance with Article 47 of the Federal Law “On Joint-Stock Companies”, the resolutions of the General Meeting of Shareholders shall be adopted unanimously by the sole shareholder — the Russian Government — and documents in writing in the form of resolutions and orders.

The resolutions of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Russian Railways in 2014 were documented by Order No. 1232-r of the Russian Government dated 4 July 2014.


In addition to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, there were twelve Extraordinary General Meetings of Shareholders in the reporting year on matters concerning an increase in the Company’s charter capital and amendments to the Charter for which the resolutions are documented in Orders of the Russian Government No. 600-r dated 15 April 2014, No. 1383-r dated 24 July 2014, No. 1746-r dated 6 September 2014, No. 2697-r dated 25 December 2014 and No. 2757-r dated 29 December 2014 and Resolutions of the Russian Government No. 279 dated 99 April 2014, No. 332 dated 15 April 2014, No. 567 dated 19 June 2014, No. 700 dated 24 July 2014, No. 1469 dated 24 December 2014, No. 1490 dated 25 December 2014 and No. 1591 dated 27 December 2014.